Coffee + Tea Addicts: Wedding Details You Can’t Miss

Can’t get through a day without several cups of well-brewed coffee or tea? Or in my case, both? For those that are highbrow lovers when it comes to these drinks, why skimp on your big day? Here are some creative and clever ideas to incorporate coffee and tea into your wedding.

Have an elegant, gold cappuccino bar so your guests can enjoy a cup or two.

Have an intimate coffee shop inspired engagement shoot.

Give away your favorite roast or leaves in a cute, personalized pouch! Adding a cute phase like “let love brew” perks up the packaging, as well!

Seating chart cards could be deployed in these cute tubes filled with different tea flavors!

Place these adorable heart shaped tea diffusers on table settings.

Serve your guests with an artisan cup of joe.

Little details like this will continue to tie the tea theme together:

And making sure to snap a picture of your rings in your favorite beans is a must!

Hang beautiful tea cups from a display for a wonderful seating chart idea

And don’t forget delicious treats to serve with your coffee or tea!

Finally, see if your favorite local spot will cater at your reception and watch those baristas work their magic!

Another great favor to give your guests are tea diffusers, like this heart-shaped one:


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