The growing trend of engagement ring styles is moving away from diamonds and back to other jewels to sparkle on your finger. Sapphires, emeralds, quartz, and other gems are now showcased and desired from trendy brides for ethical reasons or to make a unique statement. Here are a few to drool over:

1. Pale green amethyst, 18k gold band, handmade in the UK

Woodland Sun Ring

2. Oregon sunstone, 14k rose gold, diamond band

Oregon Sunstone

3. Black diamond center stone, diamond halo

Black Diamond

4. Moss agate, 14k rose gold band

Moss Agate

5. Smokey quartz, black diamond band

Smokey Quartz

6. Purple alexandrite, platinum band (fun fact: alexandrines slightly change color, ranging from purple to deep teal)

Alexandrite, conflict-free diamonds

7. Ivory pearl, diamond clusters, 14k gold band

Ivory Pearl

8. Blue sapphire, platinum band

Blue Sapphire

9. Emerald, diamond clusters, circa 1900


10. Peach champagne sapphire, rose gold diamond band

Peach Champagne Sapphire


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